6 Tips To Avoid Getting Pick Pocketed In Paris


Some people asked me on Facebook on how to NOT get pick pocketed in Paris, because Paris is a shopping haven. There’s no way you’ll come out of the store empty handed. So this begs the question, how do you protect everything that’s on you?

Honestly, once you leave CDG airport, you are already a target. LOL. During my stay in Paris, I witness near-miss pick pocketing encounters. Not my own personally. But my dad’s. From then on, everyone I meet grew pretty suspicious to me. I did my research on safety prior to the trip as i’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

6 tips on how to not be a victim of pick pockets

1)Crowded Metro

Try to avoid Barbes, La Chapelle, Gare du Nord, Gare du l’Est metros. Usually these crowded places are packed with criminals aged 6 to probably 80? If you must, guard your bags with your hands covered above it at all times. This leads me to the second point…

2) Keep your backpacks and handbags in front of you.

Best to walk around the city like so….

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-11 at 9.04.29 AM

It may be a hassle to carry backpacks in front when you walk though so i would suggest to only carry it forward when in crowded places. 

 3) Never put your wallets in your back pocket!!

You can either tie a pouch around your waist, place it in the inner walls of your backpack or invest in a backpack lock! This maybe a little troublesome but it is one less worry off your list! 🙂


 4) Avoid signing petitions!

This is a known way of getting pick pocketed, but they try it anyway! Reason is because they seem legit! Petition against animal abuse, cosmetics, and the lists goes on. This includes answering surveys too! I was approached by 2 girls to take a random survey while 2 other guys were standing watch. They were quite persistent but I politely declined and walked away. Always be vigilant!

 5) NEVER leave your bags unattended

This is common sense but too often, simple acts like these might go overlooked when we are having a good time. If you’re travelling in groups, make sure everyone have sort of a buddy system to keep an eye on each other’s bags. If you’re a solo traveler, then bring your bags wherever you go, even if it is to the bathroom. Also, I’ve seen people leave their bags outside the cubicle doors. WHY. 

6) Travel with little cash as much as possible

This is a good point to note. Maybe hold on to 200 Euros for taking public transportation and for food and use your credit card for shopping. Always place cash in different parts of your bag. I always store some in my luggage, in my handbag and in my backpack – just in case say I lose a luggage, I always have backup money stashed for survival. 

NOTE: Always have your Embassy’s contact details! Check in your respective country’s government website. For Singaporeans, do register yourself under the MFA(Ministry of Foreign Affiairs) before embarking on your travels. 

Do leave me comments here or you can contact me for further questions:

Facebook: Shazrina Daud
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Email: shazrinadaud@gmail.com 

Tilll then.

With Love,




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