A little sidetrack before I dive into my next travel location!   

Tons to do when I got back from Toronto! Aside from a full time job, my best friend and I started dzine cloud on the side lines. Check out our IG (dzine_cloud) and Facebook (dzine cloud). We customize designs for the masses! Weddings, book covers, motivational wordings for your home portrait…you name it, we create it 🙂

Thank you for the Loooveeee!


So here we go! Next we…..

Travelled To



Paris, The city of love or La Ville Lumière, as they like to call it, via Eurostar!

A few years ago, before my virgin trip to Paris, all I could think about was O.M.G Paris could be the greatest city that I’ll be stepping into! Fancy trains, fancy shmancy Parisians…and list goes on. Of course, I wasn’t much of a Googl-er back then.  I have too many expectation of everything. An annoying trait to bid goodbye to, someday. 


The smell of urine fills their metro and it still lingers within my nose hairs. LOL. k no. It’s probably because of how my olfactory system and brain interact. The streets were littered everywhere! I heard a risk of 75€  fine will be imposed for anyone caught littering. I guess that law worked out well. 

Of course not forgetting, the dozens of homeless scattered across Paris and I believe every city in Europe? I’m no stranger to sights like these from Europe to North America to South East Asia but with every sight, I heard parts of my heart crack.  😦 Back in Vancouver, there was a whole street for the homeless! Insane. (This experience will be shared in Canada’s posts). 

But its ok, i’ll let you guys experience it first hand.

giphy-downsized (1)

DAY 1 : Bienvenue a Paris!

Stayed at Paris Bruxelles ! Definitely not the best hotel around, but if you’re on a tight budget like me, you can always check this place out! Don’t expect huge bathrooms k. My bathroom had only 3-4 steps of space movement available. 

Don’t expect epic views of the Eiffel tower or the Louvre either.  My views were someone else’s bathroom, with a  jail cell-like grill. Because you know, tight budget and all. 

giphy (7)

Paris, is an already expensive city to be in. So what I would always do is I would write down a list of priorities. For example, I would prefer spending on experience as oppose to shopping. So best is to know what your purpose is for travelling. 

For me to experience it all,  I would usually splurge more on visiting museums, cafes, vintage stores, riding the hop on hop off bus etc.  Shopping and accommodation are usually secondary for most of my trips! Oh and don’t forget to set aside money for taking the metro!!

Paris is easily accessible by Metro, and never with a cab. Neverrrrrr.


#Couplegoals 🙂


16865068_10154362891098059_3422789704084740541_nCold colddddd nights.

16939613_10154362890943059_6206075856047656635_nA scene from The Walking Dead.  The metro always so creepy. 

16995978_10154362890758059_2933223178926453689_n16998173_10154362890573059_3715314082299151128_nMesmerizing architecture. 🙂 


By far my favourite view from the Eiffel!!

Fancy a trip up  here to enjoy the breathtaking view?  Read more on “How to skip the long and treacherous line!” This website is so helpful for every newbie who wants to explore Paris!


DAY 2 : Le meilleur endroit de tous les temps – Disneyland

THE highlight of my  birthday cum Anniversary trip!!!!!!!! Atleast for me! 🙂


We bought Paris Disneyland tickets here!  

The park is huggeeeeee as it consists of Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park. There are 2 parks in one, and it was quite a walk getting from one place to another, my goodness!

Spend 3/4 of our time in Walt Disney Studios, and kinda rushed our way through Disneyland park because we were two very confused kids, who got lost and thought both parks were combined, but noooooo. it was located in a different area whereby we had to leave Walt Disney to enter Disneyland.  Tons of walking + no proper meals = 2 tired old kids. LOL! No proper meals cause there wasn’t any halal food there and we forgot to pack lunch 😦

Our fats wore black for its funeral. We lost weight that day.


The best ride was Tower Of Terror! The staff made me nervous cause all of them were in serious acting mode. They really take their job seriously ey.  The narrator narrated a chilling tale of the abandon hotel which builds up suspense and we were then ushered in and seated in an elavator setting (with seatbelts).  The elevator took us up to the 13th floor! INSANEEEE YOU GUYS. 

Best part…….

It dropped us. Literally, the elevator plummeted half way and went back up. And  it paused……and damn, it plummeted again, free fall. I can’t remember if i fainted. LOL. BUT IT WAS SO SO GOOD but pretty mean. haha. SINGAPORE SHOULD HAVE THIS!

We kinda cleared all in Huffington Post!! Come read more in Huffington Post! Best rides in Paris Disneyland!

giphy (9)

How we felt being dropped in an elevator. 

16806707_10154362895258059_6533131002707375464_n (1)16831861_10154362891898059_7902803436433559373_n (1)16832146_10154362895253059_8176450539628603231_nThis one seriously ‘Go big or Go home’. 

16938642_10154362891458059_3994491142655794593_n16938882_10154362895378059_3915805342011408028_n16939516_10154362892008059_6779177835269227275_n (1)16996351_10154362891798059_5814599757452674304_n16995939_10154362895868059_5437034020317020885_n16997929_10154362895648059_6713105196902429250_n (1)16830824_10154362895538059_1771553646230623677_n


DAY 3: Les roues de l’autobus vont et viennent…….

Since my parents and in laws were around, It was a good choice  for shah and I to purchase Ticktes for the Hop on Hop off bus Paris! If you guys missed out, I also took the HOHO bus in my London post too! Check it out!!!

It’s fast and convenient, and it saves us plenty of time too considering the daylight during winter is short. Again, the HOHO app MUSTTTTT be downloaded. You’ll be less frustrated figuring out the bus arrival timings and so on. 

Anyway, due to jetlag, I slept on most HOHOs. They are so efficient that they put me to sleep. 2 thumbs up! 

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 10.24.50 PM (1)

So touristy. Toilet also must take photo. BUT this ain’t an ordinary public loo!! The toilet auto disinfects for like 2 minutes after every use before the next person enters! That’s so fetch!!!

Do we have this in Singapore? lol! Can we have this in Singapore during void deck weddings or not!? Gone are the days whereby I have to hold in my pee especially if it is a whole day event kinda wedding! sigh. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 10.24.49 PMBike sharing!! ;D


Happy with you, ALWAYS! 🙂

notre-dames-paris-facade-notre-dame-de-chartres-60035pexels-photo-797718WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 10.24.48 PM (1)

Don’t want lah. Malu malu kuching (shy shy cat)

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 10.24.48 PMTypical tourist pose



Anyway, Can you guess where I’m travelling to next!?!


giphy (5)


C’est tout les gens!!! 🙂 BYE!

With Love,

















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